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Location Gletscherblick B&B Ischgl

Gletscherblick B&B in the center of Ischgl

Gletscherblick goes Gletscherblick B&B

  • 1968

    Inauguration of Gletscherblick Ischgl

    With modest means, for it with the more pioneer's mind, Agnes and Xaver Zangerl open the bed and breakfast Gletscherblick

  • 1995

    It's going ahead

    In the second generation Luise and Toni Zangerl lead the traditional house Gletscherblick. More and more frequent guests estimate the centre situation

  • 2015

    Gletscherblick new

    Bianca and Stefan have rebuilt the Gletscherblick in just 7 months. To get more information regarding our construction visit our Blog

  • November 2015

    Gletscherblick B&B

    On schedule opens the Gletscherblick B&B . Bianca and Stefan lead the proven Gletscherblick quality in 3rd generation